About the Author

I’m Mon, and I love to Travel.

I started travelling early 2015. I had a lot of places I wanna go then-till-now, from exploring all the islands of The Philippines, and to hopefully conquer the whole world (or even just half) – before I die.

I love to write and take photographs – the main reason why I started this travel blog. And what better way to enjoy my travels than to share them with everyone who may be wondering how to go from here to there, to visit the places I’ve been. I am a budget traveller, and I want to help people explore without breaking the bank.

Below are just some of the places I’ve been, including my personal favorite: BATANES. Why? read my blog post about that beautiful place, and you’ll know why 😃

To see more photos, click HERE.

For collaborations/proposals/sponsorships: monvilla@gmail.com

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