These 5 Exciting Team Building Destinations are just 4, 3 & 2 hours away from Manila!

Who here has never heard of the term “TEAM BUILDING“? Well, if you (really) haven’t, this is a term of a variety of activities, physical collaborative tasks, or self-improvement training, mainly focusing on building one’s self-esteem, and strengthening social relations.

As for some of us, when we hear “Uy, san tayo mag t-team building?!” (Hey, where are we holding our team building?) Suggestions always pour in. From nearby clubhouses to resorts near and far. The options are so many, just planning for it takes a while. Well, I am going to help with that, and let you see 5 places I think would interest you and your team.

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Things to consider:

  • Budget – There are a lot of places in and out of the metro where you can hold a team building, some expensive, some within budget, and some even cheaper. You have to do your research, check reviews, and plan ahead.
  • Location – You have to hold these kind of events at a place where there’s a lot of area for all your planned activities, always considering the proposed budget.
  • Timing – Planning/Timing is everything. You have to be sure to plan/book ahead of time to avoid conflict in schedule. Especially if you are planning to hold the event on weekends or holidays. Also, consider the schedules of your team members, make sure they are all available, and all are aware, have agreed with all the details of your plan.
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Normally, Team Buildings are done during weekends, holidays, or if “the team” were to be granted long VL’s (vacation leave) haha. I am going to show 5 places you guys should consider checking out because these locations are sure to make your planned (or at times biglaan, or unexpected) vacay worth it.

(In no particular order)



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